5 Session Kickstart - Encounter Jesus in the Noise


I regularly hear how this event was a game changer for women. Now, you can enjoy this over and over at your own pace! This includes all 12 pdf handouts and 7 video recordings.

Encounter Jesus in the Noise: 5 Day Kickstart for Women by Merri Ellen Giesbrecht, Life Coach & Spiritual Director



Day 1 – Created for Fellowship with Jesus
Day 2 – Hearing God through Scripture
Day 3 – How to Effectively Pray for Others With God's Answer
Day 4 – How to Get Unstuck & Walk in Jesus’ Fruitful Living!
Day 5 - Putting it Altogether!


Day 1 - Created for Fellowship! - You and I were created for 2-way fellowship with Jesus. Jesus promised us the Holy Spirit would speak to us, so that we could maintain our intimate relationship with Him. We will practice hearing from Him on Day 1 and test it according to Scripture!

Day 2 - Hearing God through His Word - Inviting Holy Spirit to personally speak to you through a Scripture passage. This is so fun and powerful!

Day 3 - Hearing God for Others - How to refrain from jumping right into prayer with requests, and rather ask Jesus what’s on His heart. How is Jesus praying for this person/situation, for me, my family, my workplace, my neighbourhood, etc? We will ask God questions regarding a topic!

Day 4 - What to Do When We Get Stuck with Blocks - How to approach pain, sin, confusion, etc. Inviting Jesus to turn ashes into beauty!! We are all on a beautiful journey and we will invite Holy Spirit to be our Guide. We will look at how to exchange lies for God’s truth and do it!

Day 5 - Get Equipped and Empowered to Keep Going! - By special request, this element has been added to practice it altogether again one more time! Adding this 5th element was the best thing we did for the course! It grows our roots deeper into the new foundation started.

Each day has downloadable handouts to go through. Take action daily! See what happens! You will be encouraged!

My desire is that more women will walk in freedom with Jesus by the power of His Spirit amidst the noise!

Merri Ellen Giesbrecht | Life Coach and Spiritual Director

Simply download and begin TODAY!

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This has become a pivotal event for many women. Enjoy for yourself!


5 Session Kickstart - Encounter Jesus in the Noise

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